Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Love With Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year.
Though it fades swiftly, the colors of the leaves, and the cool temperature change,
 bring a much needed breath of fresh air that the muggy, hot summer just didn't offer.

Just as hastily as the wind blows through the trees,
and as promptly as the leaves fall gently to the ground,
 so quickly does life pass before our very eyes.

We grow up in an instant, it seems.
Never knowing until much later in life
how easy and carefree life, was being a child.

We then get busy in our careers.
Many of us marry and begin a family.
The next thing we know, the children are in school,
we are spending our days slaving away in jobs,
and life has all but passed us by...without warning.

Pictures tell stories.
I watch as our youngest daughter, not yet fully reading, looks through picture books.
She usually murmurs the story aloud as she flips through the pages.
She doesn't know yet what the words say, but she is certain to make up her own tale
given by the pictures on each page.

Without these images, she wouldn't be able to tell me her story.
But with them, her mind can ramble and imagine, without restraint.

That's sort of how I feel about taking pictures.
I'm not always good with words.
But with pictures, I'm telling your story, my story, their story.

The setting: Fall in a forest.
The characters: Loving Family; Dad, Mom, and two sisters.
The plot: A family has fun making memories.

This is an amazing family.
They are beautiful, lovely, and precious!
We so enjoyed doing this session.
It was our pleasure to capture this story.


  1. This is my favorite session you have done thus far. Beautiful!!

    1. I just saw this comment Maryann! I almost never get comments, so I don't look for them! Thanks so much... Really appreciate your encouragement :)


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