Friday, November 2, 2012

The Kitty, The Butterfly, and The Disco Dolly

We like Halloween.
It means that the kids can dress up and go out in public without being looked at funny.
You see, our kids play dress up almost every day of their lives.
And sometimes we have to tell them no when they ask,
"Can we wear our princess dresses to the grocery store?"
So this is a wonderful opportunity to let the kids imaginations run wild... publicly!

 I am just going to be honest. These shots were not easy to capture.
The kids were ready to go trick or treating and became quite impatient with my insistence to take pictures.
During my attempt to capture this once a year event, the youngest had to go potty,
 the oldest kept complaining that she just wanted to ride her bike,
and the middle child... well she is a major cam ham, and the only one who would cooperate!
She would pose for me all day long if it meant all eyes would be on her! Gotta love that girl!

Our butterfly! We happened to already have the clothing. All we had to buy was the wings and the mask.
Our Disco Dolly! The costume was on clearance for $5.00 at Party City. The disco earrings were only a couple of dollars! SCORE!!!

Our sweet little Black Kitty! This has to be the easiest costume ever! Bought the tail and headband for under $10.00!

We enjoyed a lovely, fun filled night at our church and the kids had a blast!!!

We very much enjoy allowing the kids to pick out their own costumes (with a little parental supervision),
and getting them all dressed up is always a ton of fun!  

We had a great Halloween and we hope you all did as well!
Eat lots of candy, and don't forget to brush and floss your teeth!!!
(Ha, ha, ha!)


  1. love all the pics, great color!! i cant believe hannah let you put make up on!! laural looks so cool!!! rachel adorable!!

    1. Thanks so much Michele! Yup, she really didn't like it very much, but I told her it was part of the costume ;)


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