Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Year...

Another school year has swiftly blown by us, just as surely as the wind under a birds wings.
All too quickly and without warning.

 I understand more and more the wise words of so many mothers,
given to me as I held my first baby girl eight years ago,
 "Enjoy them now, they grow up fast."
As cliche as those words are, they do ring true.
Our school year was very successful and by golly we figured out how to make math fun!
 A challenge I thought I would never master. (Thank you Teaching Textbooks!!!) 
As a work at home, homeschooling mom of three,
I can easily get caught up in the busyness of life.
And with so many full-time working mothers today, we, as women,
can certainly lose focus on one of our most important missions in life.
Raising the precious little children in which God has entrusted us.
We are responsible for not only their well being, but their upbringing.

 I have been doubled over with temptation to quit.
Yes. More days than not actually.
It would certainly be easier.
(The big yellow school bus to the rescue.) 
But I won't. I will continue on the path that I've been given to run.
I will take up my sword and fight in the battle.
I will give it my all. I will finish strong. I will train them up!

I am sure to make many more mistakes. Of that, there is no doubt.
I know there will be many more tough days ahead.
I expect the enemy to attack.
But I will be prepared. And I will prepare our daughters for this battle as well.
Every day is a challenge and with every challenge we will grow and get better.

This year, I was able to slow down, enjoy the little things a bit more,
and get some priorities in order.
I blogged very little, obviously.
 But I hope to write more on marriage, motherhood, parenthood, homeschooling and life.

Below are some images of our girls.
These were taken as a memoir of what the girls look like every year on or around their birthdays.
I do this every year and put them on a disc with good intentions of making a yearly album.

Anyone have suggestions on websites for quick, easy, inexpensive, album creation ideas?
Would love for you to share your thoughts!

Rachel ~ Five

Laural ~ Six

Hannah ~ Eight