Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shades Of Purple

The sun shone warmly on the wooden playground
and the children were seeping with joy at the picture of a day at the pool with friends.
Their idea of an awesome day always includes sunshine, water (in some form or another), happy laughter, freedom to roam, and imaginations soaring as high as the tallest tree,
all in the company of friends.
This day, was one of those days.
Just before all the chaotic 'fun-ness' went down, we met, 
as appointed, to capture Jade's last days of K5.
I had the pleasure of shooting her entire family last year
 and we have become close friends over the last few years.
 Jade and her whole family have been an extra special blessing to me.
 I love you guys, and thank you for the opportunity to capture
 these fleeting moments of your darling daughter!


What a beautiful and good hearted little girl!
You make the world brighter my dear...
continue to shine brightly like the star you are!

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